Pianos for sale

All pianos come with a 6 month guarantee and have been tuned to concert pitch and checked by Evan. 832-993-1081 for availability, or email robertsevanj@icloud.com


Kimball Le petite baby grand piano for sale

This small profile 4’4” baby grand for sale in Houston may be the ideal size for your small space office, nook, or bedroom. The small profile yet rich sound make this a versatile piano

Price: $4,000, rent for $100 a month.

Cable console upright piano (SOLD)

High quality small upright piano with a rich tone and touch

Price: $1,500. Rent for $60 a month.

Jenssen console piano for sale (SOLD 10/02/19)

Console upright, c1970’s made in NY. Good starter piano with matching bench

Price: $1,000. Rent for $50 a month

Add $150 for upright delivery and $300 for grand piano delivery

Everrett Spinet (SOLD 09/30/19)

Top quality spinet made in the USA in the 60’s. Tuned and with 6 month guarantee.

Price: $1,500, rent for $50 per month.

Samick Upright for sale (SOLd 09/20/19)

Manufactured in South Korea C.1958-1960

Price: $1,500, rent for $50 a month