Piano Tuning


If it’s the first time I tune a piano that is regularly maintained but is my first time tuning it. Tuning a piano is a complex task with c.236 strings to tune in harmony. Estimated time 1.5 - 2.5 hours. Recommended every six months.

To look after a piano well it is recommended to maintain a 6 monthly tuning schedule to maintain the health and tone of your piano. In the service I make sure the piano is not dropping bellow concert pitch and get rid of any discoloration in the sound from unisons moving apart in pitch. If you book with me after your tuning I will give you a discount of $25.

Pitch Raising

add $50

(For pianos left for over 5+ years add $100)

Music has a standard pitch (A440). It allows a pianist to play along with a guitarist, or organist. From the day the piano is manufactured, the strings are pulling against the pin holding them in place. This causes a minute unravelling of the string. This unravelling loosens the string. A loose string creates a variation in pitch, and the piano goes out of tune! If the piano is left long enough the pitch can drop. And it will, even when tuned regularly. Before tuning, it is advisable to raise the pitch to concert pitch except in exceptional circumstances.

*Required if left for over a year and a half +.



$50 / hr

Mechanical Adjustment

This is mostly negotiable, if it is a minor repair to a key, the price will likely be much lower. Not all extra work will be charged. Larger jobs will vary on time, and be quoted before carrying out according to the time taken. Most small jobs such as sticky keys, slack on the keys, or a few hammers double bouncing are quick to mend! Mechanical proficiency lends itself to enjoyable playing. The piano is tone generated with touch!


Cosmetic work such as new keys, repolishing brases can be carried out on situe. Please give the information prior to the service provided.


Peter S.
19d ago

Evan did a great job on my piano. It sounds so much better and he addressed the concerns I had and fixed them satisfactorily

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