Assesment of a Kimball upright piano

I was overall surprised at how pleasing the tone of this Kimball upright piano was. Located in the Woodlands. I was called to asses the piano to recommend work needed and wether the piano was worth its keep.

I found that the hammers hit on the case of the lid. Due to wear, hammers tend to fall back with playing as the action unwinds from its factory tension. Some minor adjustments would go a long way in removing the slack.

Pitch-raise and tuning

The main work needed to lift this piano from it's current condition is pitch-raising and tuning. The piano is a semi-tone flat. This will require two tunings, one to raise all keys to slighly above pitch.

If pitch-raised with accuracy the strings will strechdown to approximately A400. A final tune will suffice to leave the piano ready for playing. 

Subsecuent tunings will solidify the pitch.

The other major work needed: key-tops are majorly chipped, keys are generally replaced in sets to match grain and the white. Additionally middle C is a copper wound string which will require matching by

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