Tuning a flooded piano


Harvey flood piano

A gift from a friend

My friend Marcelo gave me this piano which was flooded in Harvey. It was kind of me to give me this piano. I gave it to my sister-in-law as a piano for her daughter to learn on. And promised to gift her the piano tuning. 

Piano tuning flooded during Harvey

Being a piano tuner in Houston I could guarantee to come across several flooded pianos. One such client was a French man living in Houston, who had just bought a Yamaha U3 upright piano. The piano  was flooded up to the keyboard! He called to ask for repairs, to which the reply was 'probably not' but try Hardy Pianos. Hardy Pianos have been reparing multiple pianos over the months following Harvey. 

This Kawai was only flooded up to about 1'. My worry was whether the strings would snap with the tension if I raised them. To my suprise the piano tuned nicely, nothing went wrong in the process. Which is good news for my sister in law and my little niece. 

Evan Roberts