Rebuilding a Piano - Step 1 taking the piano apart

Hurricane Harvey destroyed many pianos. Many left on the roadside may have been picked up in the hope of a free piano. The quality of the 'free find' would vary depending on the amount of inches the piano was flooded. In some cases that was several feet of water, and the piano is made of many wooden parts which are now starting to come apart. As is the case with this upright at Hardy Pianos. Marcelo invited me and another piano tuner to work on restoring:

Step 1 - asses the damage, how far up the water/damp has crawled.
Step 1b. - Remove action/keys and keybed leaving just the piano harp
Step 2 - loosen strings to the point where you can cut them and take of plate
Step 2b. - Cut and remove strings + bekets
Step 3 - Remove and size tuning pins
Step 4 - Remove soundboard for re-gluig

I will update with more when we get further.

Evan Roberts