Thornwood gallery piano tuning

Surrounded by fine art, this Essex piano sits nicely in its elegant surroundings. When I was living in Oxford, we would see several new Steinway grand pianos. I had seen a Boston, which is made by Kawai in Japan for Steinway. But I had never really seen an Essex, made in China designed by Steinway & Sons.


I have regularly tuned and adjusted/toned Steinway model O, M and occasionally S baby grand pianos. I have to admit, Steinway is a personal favourite of mine. However the Essex is not strictly a Steinway, as it is only designed by their team. However is made in China where many competing factories are placed.


With China’s brief experience in manufacturing pianos, it is hard to see why top brands would invest much time in making pianos there. Firstly it is due to market size, China is living a renaissance of classical European traditions. Along with the cheap labour, and infrastructure for industry, provided by China.

This piano reminded me much of Feurich, a brand that we stock in the UK. I personally liked the piano. It responded nicely to touch, and the sound was quite warm.

Nothing technical just tuning

The movers had installed the pedals incorrectly on re-assembly without checking the keyboard, and the piano was not dampening.

After a fine tuning, the piano was ready for its concert in the following days.

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Evan Roberts