Valuation of Grotrian Steinweg

My father, he is an expert on pianos. I hope I become a 'chip off the old block' when it comes to pianos. He works with some of the best pianos in the UK. He is a great man, but also a great musician (piano, cello, trumpet, guitar etc, etc), and composed some nice melodies. 

I spent countless hours with him in the car, journeying across the United Kingdom, assessing pianos. From adjusting pianos for famous musicians to having to tell a client that the piano is in need of serious repair. We travelled together or spent time in the shop. I still remember the first time he taught me to tune. How easily he said, "just make the fifths slightly flat, 8vs perfect, just give it a go!". I soon learnt just how much information he missed out. But how scared I would have been, and how large a mountain if he'd explained the journey I was to take. 

One day my father started a YouTube channel. We (I included) web team workers criticised its simplicity. How could a fine business be recording videos on a mobile phone? Well, he stuck to it. Eventually, we came round. Hits soon went into the hundreds, now 1,000's... Some happened to be from the US. 

As it turns out I went to assess a Grotrian-Steinweg upright piano. A client had found my website. He contacted me and I went to assess the work, especially casework, it needed. 

 The piano, a small Grotrian Steinweg upright piano.

The piano, a small Grotrian Steinweg upright piano.

In our conversation, he mentioned that he saw videos of the piano on YouTube. I asked how this was true. I asked "by any chance, it wasn't Marcus Roberts, Roberts Pianos. Was it?". "Yes," he said. And was amazed to find out I was Marcus's son. 

It turns out I am realizing how far the videos have gone, and how respected my father is. I even received a hug and a huge smile from the man on departure. All because Dad did his work right. My aim is to do the same quality work here in America. Contact me for a quote. Evan Roberts (Marcus' son) 

Evan Roberts